Every day we’ll be sharing facts and debunking myths about the flu, flu vaccinations and the impact of this disease on our community.

Please Call Ahead – Supplies May Be Limited

Due to the heightened demand for flu vaccine in the industry, we recommend calling ahead to ensure your Target store has vaccine available....
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Breaking Shoo News: 192 free flu shots administered yesterday!

But don’t stop shooing. We need everyone to know that all Bay Area children, ages 4 through 18, can get free flu shots through January 31. Share our links and email friends and family, schools and oth...
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Breaking Shoo News: Shoo the Flu Extended to Jan. 31

Good news! It’s not too late to get your flu shot. The program has been such a success with over 1,500 of you shooing the flu during the month of December, the Page Family Foundation has decided...
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