Schools Help Shoo the Flu

Flu Vaccine Days for this season may be over, but continued support from schools is important as we work toward successful school-based flu vaccinations for students next season.

As partners, we can help achieve our shared goals of healthy students, better attendance and fewer flu cases in the greater community.

93 Oakland-area schools participated this year.

Did yours? If not, ask about Shoo the Flu at your school.

How Flu Vaccine Days Work
(Hint: only with your help!)

It’s easy to help this school-based flu vaccine program go smoothly at your school. At the start of the school year, teachers will receive instructions about how to distribute and collect consent forms from their students.

If anyone needs extra consent forms, the main office will have them available in 6 languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Chinese.

The steps from there are simple:

  • Download and review talking points to understand the program.
  • Distribute consent forms to students. Download extra consent forms.
  • Distribute teacher envelopes for teachers to collect students’ signed consent forms.
  • Set up the provided collection box to collect teacher envelopes. (Please keep in a visible place in the front office.)
  • Have fun with Shoo the Flu.
    • Visit the Resources page for sample lesson plans and activities to talk about how to prevent the flu and other illnesses.
    • Download coloring pages for your students and put up the provided posters around campus.

What To Expect During Shoo the Flu Vaccine Days

Exact details will vary between schools, but the goal everywhere is to get students vaccinated safely, efficiently and without any unnecessary disruption to the school day.

  • The clinics will be set up in a large area such as a multi-purpose room, gym or empty classroom.
  • Volunteers provided by the school will help bring students to the vaccination area by classroom.
  • Teachers are asked to help confirm the identity of students prior to leaving the classroom.
  • The whole process should take only about 20 minutes per classroom.

Reasons to Vaccinate Against the Flu

It’s no secret that benefits of flu vaccination help the whole community. It’s the best defense we’ve got against the flu. Plus, it can help:

  • Improve attendance. Students stay healthy, which means fewer sick days home from school.
  • Lesson plans stay on track. Better attendance helps more students keep up with their studies.
  • Teachers stay healthy, too. With less exposure to sick students, your risk of catching the flu decreases.

Who to Contact

Every school should have a designated staff member who can help answer Shoo the Flu questions specific to your school. Simply contact the front office to find out who yours is.

Teachers can access resources including lesson plans and coloring pages on the Resources page.


Call the Alameda County Public Health Department at (510) 267-3230.

Still have questions? Email