Glargg spreads the flu wherever he goes because he never washes his hands. He loves to touch surfaces on the playground, in school and all over the house. Wash your hands often to help stay safe from the germs he leaves behind on things you touch.

Likes: Giving out high-fives

Dislikes: Soap

Favorite Food: Anything he can get his hands on (no forks allowed!)

Dizzy has a lot going on in her head. She always has a headache and a high fever of 102º. Her spikes are like radar to help search out anyone who isn’t sick with the flu, so get plenty of rest plus the flu vaccine to help keep her away.

Likes: Popping balloons with her spikes

Dislikes: Hats (her spikes get in the way)

Favorite Saying: Is it hot in here?

Achoo loves to buzz around and sprinkle flu germs wherever he flies. Be careful because he can spread the flu across the classroom with a single cough or sneeze. So, cover your own coughs with your elbow and get the flu vaccine to help stay healthy.

Likes: Telling knock-knock jokes

Dislikes: Mosquitos

Favorite Sport: Basketball (GO DUBS!)

Gloober feels lonely when he’s the only one sniffling—but when he hears sniffles all around, it’s like music to his ears. If you have a runny nose or sore throat, chances are that he’s not far behind. When you eat your fruits and vegetables (and get the flu vaccine) it helps keep that stuffy nose away.

Likes: Blowing bubbles in his juice

Dislikes: Peanuts

Favorite Color: Green

Dreb usually has a hard time getting out of bed. He moves pretty slowly and complains about his body aches. So when Dreb’s around, be sure to get the flu vaccine and spend plenty of time playing outside. It’ll help you feel your best.

Likes: Playing hide & seek (he mostly just hides)

Dislikes: Thunderstorms

Favorite Time of Day: Nap time

Coloring Pages

It’s Time to Get Creative

Let your students’ imaginations run wild with Shoo the Flu coloring pages. Simply download and print from the options below. Color them all at least once…or twice…or three times — the more, the better!