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Press Releases

Shoo the Flu Kicks off Second Year of Flu Protection for Oakland Students, Sept. 8, 2015
Shoo the Flu Launch Press Release
, Aug. 25, 2014

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In the News

Alameda County works to “Shoo the Flu”
Alameda County Public Health Department is offering free flu vaccines to schoolchildren. To ease the pain of the flu shot, nasal mists will be offered in 110 public schools throughout Oakland.

32 Myths About The Flu Vaccine You Don’t Need To Fear
The health risks of the flu are usually underestimated and the benefits of flu vaccines misunderstood. Learn about the myths surrounding flu vaccines and why getting your flu shot is important.

Yu Ming Helps “Shoo the Flu”
Yu Ming was our first participating Shoo the Flu school this year. More than 150 students and 23 staff members received a nasal spray or a flu shot. Read more.

Misconceptions about Flu Vaccines
Can the flu shot cause the flu? Is the stomach flu the same as Influenza (the flu)? The CDC answers simple misconceptions about flu vaccines. Read here.

Why the Flu Strikes in Winter
Winter is flu season. Ever wonder why the flu is so predominant in the winter? Get your flu shot and read about why the flu happens in the Winter.

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