All students must have a signed consent form to get vaccinated.

In order to help keep all students safe and healthy, it’s necessary we take proper precautions. That’s why all students who receive the flu vaccine at school must have a signed consent form.

The form provides important health information to help the nurses make the appropriate decisions when caring for your student. We do request health insurance information, as insurers may help pay the cost of immunizations administered by Shoo the Flu but there will be not cost to students or their families. Students are eligible to receive the vaccine for free with or without insurance.

Download & Print the Consent Form

  • The consent form for the 2018-2019 season will be posted once it becomes available.

Additional Information

  • Notice of Privacy Practices
    Explains how your student’s information will be protected by the Alameda County Public Health Department.
  • California Immunization Registry (CAIR)
    CAIR is a confidential and secure computer system that makes vaccination information available to healthcare providers. Shoo the Flu will enter all vaccination records in CAIR as allowed by law. Unless you note otherwise on the consent form, Shoo the Flu will also make your student’s vaccination record available for healthcare providers to review.