There are some very bad bugs among us. One of the best ways to protect our community is by vaccinating our children. Through the Shoo The Flu program, San Francisco Bay Area children ages 4 through 18 can receive a free flu shot. This will help protect not only them against the ravages of influenza, but also everyone with whom they come in contact. It is the best way to guard against the spread of flu to adults, and especially the elderly.

So, bring in the kids for their free flu shots. And please, help spread the word, not the bugs.

2/1/2013: Shoo the Flu for the 2012-13 season has officially ended. Thanks to the generosity of the Page Family Foundation, 4,865 San Francisco Bay Area children received a free flu shot. Check our website for updates on Shoo the Flu for the 2013-14 flu season.

Answers to questions you may not even know to ask.

When it comes to your child’s health, there are no stupid questions. And we’ve tried to cover them all, with straight answers from recognized experts. more»

The whole truth and nothing but.

There’s plenty of flu information and misinformation circulating out there. That’s why we’ve put the unvarnished truth in here. more»

Locations and program details.

Participating San Francisco Bay Area Target Pharmacy® locations will be administering all free Shoo The Flu vaccinations. Find your nearest participating Target store here.

News of the Shoo
News of the Shoo.

Thanks to all our contributors, news about the Shoo is spreading faster than the bug. Read more about the importance of getting the flu shot.