It’s Time to Send Flu Germs Out of Town

Pediatricians recommend all kids get vaccinated each year — and Shoo the Flu vaccine days at school are here to help. Protecting your student against flu germs is now super easy and convenient.

Let’s Get Healthier, Oakland.

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Don’t miss out!

Here’s how to make sure your child gets flu protection during school:
  1. Complete the consent form.
  2. Have your child return it to the school.
  3. Your student will receive the vaccine in school at no cost.

All students in pre-K through 5th grade at participating Oakland schools will have a chance to get the vaccine — with or without insurance. There’s no cost.

Print Consent Form

It's contagious!

Flu germs start spreading a day before the first sniffle.

What to Expect at Flu Vaccine Days

We bring in the health professionals to give flu protection to all participating students. The vaccine is a good way to protect the kids against flu germs –

Plus, it’s:

  • Safe: It’s the same one your child would get from your regular healthcare provider.
  • Convenient: The whole process takes place during school hours.
  • Easy: Most kids only need a nasal spray instead of an injection.*
Students with asthma and other conditions may not be eligible to receive the nasal spray. Their medical history will inform health professionals if your student will require an injection instead.

Pass the peas, not the flu.

A single cough can spread flu germs 6 feet.


Yes, it’s pretty important.

It's the best defense we've got against the flu.

  • We all stay healthier
    Grandma and baby sister benefit most from fewer flu outbreaks.
  • Kids stay in school
    Fewer sick days means they can keep up with their studies.
  • Families save money
    No more missed work to take care of sick kids.

Cover your mouth!

Cough & sneeze into your elbow to help stop the spread of flu.

Say Yes to Flu Protection

Complete and return the consent form to let your child get vaccinated at school. It’s simple, convenient and available in 5 additional languages! Learn more.

Print Consent Form

Participating Schools

It’s easy to find out if your child’s school will have a flu vaccine day this season. Check out the list.

Looking to volunteer at a flu vaccine day? Thank you! That’s great. Learn more.

Let’s Shoo The Flu!